St. Januarius in Montecassino – How the Treasure was saved during the Second World War.

A prince, an abbot, a monk and a “King of Poggioreale”: their ability was able to admire today in Naples the beautiful gold masterpieces of one of the richest treasure in the world.

A book written by Nando Tasciotti recreates the adventurous history of three cases that hide the wonderful necklace, the precious mitre (with over three thousand diamonds, rubies and emeralds) and different gold and gemmy goblets  of the treasure of St. Januarius.  This event was during Battle of Cassino, one of the most important during the Second World War, characterized by airstrike on Montecassino Abbey (on 15th February 1944): a tragic mistake of the Anglo-Americans but also German responsibility. 

You could know:

  • Why three cases, in May 1943, were taken to Montecassino Abbey.
  • How they could  hide them to German people among parchments,  codes, relics and they bring them to Rome- in October-  by their lorry.
  • Why, at the beginning, Pope Pious XII did not want the treasure in Vatican.
  • Why, finally, they took back to Naples, in 1947, using a security detail of a “boss” called “King of Poggioreale”.
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