Bonaparte family loved the art and loved taking it for themselves. However, in Naples and with St. Januarius, they gave up.

Napeoleon suggested to his brother-in-law Joachim Murat – who was just elected King of Naples – to show his devotion to St. Januarius. In 1808, Murat decided to offer one of the most precious object of the Museum of Treasure:


Ostensorio di Gioacchino Murat

The gold silver monstrance has two cherubs that hold up the sunburst decorated by other small cherubs and clouds with rubies.

It was not his only gesture of devotion: Murat decided that the Chapel of the Treasure in the cathedral was of absolute competence of the Deputation. It was an organization that still today safeguards its preservation.

After Murat, Ferdinando IV ordered to sell the monstrance but the Deputation did not carry out the directive.

By Marianna Crasto. 

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