It is a movie realized in 1966 by Dino Risi with Totò, Nino Manfredi, Senta Bergere, Mario Adorf, Enzo Cannavale, Dante Maggio.

Three Americans, a woman and two men, came to Naples in order to steal the treasure of St. Januarius. They asked advice to the boss Don Vincenzo (Totò) who called upon Armando Girasole, called Dudù (Nino Manfredi).

The robbery was at night, during Festival of songs that monopolized a lot of people in front of TV. The events seemed to go smoothly but they did not consider that the best custodies of St. Januarius was Neapolitan people.

The soundtrack is composed by many famous Italian songs in 1966:

  • Ma pecché,  by Iva Zanicchi;
  • Ce vo’ tiempo, by  Peppino di Capri;
  • ‘A pizza, by Giorgio Gaber and  Aurelio Fierro.

This movie was not considered from National critical but it was awarded for direction at Moscow Festival in 1967.

Paradoxically, the treasure of St. Januarius becomes famous thanks to this movie and its success, even if many places and events are unreal.

In 2006, when the director, Dino Risi came to Museum of the treasure of St. Januarius  to present to the press the restored version of his movie confessed that he had never been in Naples before making movie.

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