The queen Maria Theresa of Austria was reserved and austere. She was the daughter of Carlo d’Asburgo -Teschen and  Enrichetta of Nassau Weilburg but the wife of Ferdinando II of Bourbon

He was very friendly but she was very strict. In spite of their different nature they had an happy marriage.

La regina Maria Teresa D'Austria

The Queen did not like political life but she preferred looking after her children. She had a great influence on her stepson, Francesco II. In spite of the objections of his wife, Maria Sophia of Bavaria,  Francesco II was often complacent to his stepmother because he harboured respect and subjection.

Neapolitan people did not love so much Maria Theresa who was called “the queen that did not smile”. She did not love Naples and she preferred living in Caserta or Gaeta.

However, she tried to ingratiate herself to Neapolitan people donating a beautiful monstrance to St. Januarius in 1837. Today this special gift is in the Museum of the Treasure of St. Januarius. It was realized by the goldsmith Gaspare de Angelis with many gems.

Her last-born called Gennaro who died in Rome because of plague in 1866. The queen took care of him but she was infected and Francesco II tended to her until her death in 1867.

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